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Defining Retrofit

May 15 2024
Why is retrofitting so important? The UK has committed to net zero emissions by 2050 and the built environment contributes up to 25% of the UK’s

Five Reasons To Retrofit

May 07 2024
A key focus for the construction industry is to make buildings more sustainable and energy efficient. Currently, buildings are responsible for 39% of

Cooling The Concrete Jungle: The Crucial Role Of Green Roofs In Alleviating Urban Heat Islands

February 21 2024
As our cities continue to evolve and expand, the concrete landscapes that define them contribute to a growing concern – the rise of urban heat

Green from the Ground Up: Paving the Way for Sustainable Roof Terrace Design

January 22 2024
Planted roof terraces have emerged as key components for meeting biodiversity targets and Urban Greening Factor requirements in 2024. With the 2021

Polypropylene Pedestals Achieve Cradle To Cradle Certified® Bronze

January 18 2024
Here at Buzon, contributing to a sustainable circular economy is important to us, and our commitment to using recycled and recyclable materials has

Where Should Fire-Rated Pedestals Be Used?

December 15 2023
When working on an external flooring project, fire-rated pedestals should be used where there is a requirement for non-combustible components or any

What To Look Out For When Specifying Fire-Rated Pedestals

December 13 2023
Non-combustible components are essential for every balcony on residential buildings over 11 metres, but what should you look for in a pedestal? Since

Fire safety of balconies and terraces

December 12 2023
This blog is an abridged version of an article published in the November 2023 edition of the Fire Protection Association magazine, and written by

Delivering Excellence: How Buzon Ensures Seamless Product Delivery

November 03 2023
When specifying a product, time is of the upmost importance for most projects. Order-turnaround times can often be the difference between a delivered

Empowering Roofing Contractors with Versatile Pedestals & Accessories

October 01 2023
When designing and installing external flooring projects, finding products that promote versatility and adaptability is paramount. Installers often

RAAC & Roof Terrace Concerns

September 08 2023
Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) was a prominent player within UK construction after the war, between the 1950’s and 1990’s. It is only

Office Roof Terrace Design: Uses For Roof Terraces On Office Buildings

April 19 2023
Urban areas such as cities are home to some of the biggest businesses and brands in the world. These spaces are filled with commercial office

4 Examples Of Great Commercial Rooftop Gardens & Terraces

March 21 2023
We’ve talked in-depth about how to overcome challenges in specifying and building rooftop gardens and terraces. From dealing with falls to fire

The Case For Converting Your Office's Flat Roof Into A Roof Terrace

January 16 2023
Creating outdoor spaces and roof gardens on commercial properties has become a popular trend as property developers and architects seek to enhance

The Cost Of Building A Roof Terrace  - Mind the Performance Gap

December 21 2022
Specifying a roof terrace for your commercial building brings with it countless benefits to both your client and the end-users. Roof terrace design

The Best Products For Commercial Roof Terrace Drainage

December 07 2022
Commercial roof terraces are exposed not only to elements such as rain and snow, but irrigation and cleaning systems will add to the levels of

Roof Terrace Design: How Much Weight Can A Roof Terrace Hold?

December 02 2022
So you’re planning to add a roof terrace to your building's plans or existing project. When planning a roof garden one of the first questions you may

What Are The Best Decking Materials For Commercial Roof Terraces?

November 11 2022
Roof terraces and rooftop gardens raise the value of commercial buildings such as hotels, offices and retail stores. For this reason, architects and

Critical Commercial Roof Terrace Design Considerations For Specifiers

November 02 2022
The trend of blending the outdoors with the indoors continues to grow as architects and designers include luxurious outdoor spaces into their plans

ZERODECK + A-PED: Fire-rated decking system certified by NHBC accepts

October 12 2022
Alfresco Floors’ Class A-fire-rated mineral composite non-combustible deck board, ZEROECK, has officially been welcomed to NHBC Accepts alongside

One Thing Not To Ignore With Your Paving Pedestal

August 05 2022
When designing an outdoor space – whether it’s a balcony, walkway, terrace or any external flooring area – it can be easy to focus on the end result.

An Overview of the Buzon Adjustable Pedestal Range

July 15 2022
Your project is fast approaching. You have your decking/paving design in place. Now it’s time to specify your products to make your drawings a

What Happens When You Don’t Use Shims with paving?

June 02 2022
Shims are a small component used on the head or base of a pedestal to provide an added level of stability, uniformity and comfort to your paved area.

When Do I Need a Rail-Based System?

June 01 2022
There are four key problems commonly found in external flooring projects which can all be solved through the use of a rail-based system: -

Roof Gardens In Offices: What To Consider

April 14 2022
As the trend of outdoor spaces for commercial offices continues to grow, property developers, architects and contractors are turning traditionally

Balconies In Offices: What You Should Know

April 13 2022
Nature has started finding its way into modern office spaces, bringing with it a range of benefits to well-being and productivity. We are starting to

5 Things To Consider For External Flooring Installation In Offices

April 13 2022
The popularity of outdoor office spaces continues to surge within the UK and around the globe. More and more, property developers and managers are

How Many Pedestals Do I Need For My Decking Project?

March 21 2022
If you are planning to install decking for your commercial or domestic project, it is useful to know how many pedestals (or ‘decking joist supports’

Considerations For Slopes And Ramps In Outdoor Office Spaces

March 10 2022
As one of the new focuses for property developers, building managers, and CEOs, the addition of outdoor office space is on the rise. Cited as a great

Outdoor Office Spaces: The Impact On Wellbeing

January 10 2022
Biophilic design is the latest trend among building developers and business owners. A global initiative to bring employees and office spaces back to

Landscape Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Office Spaces

January 10 2022
All over the world, designers, developers, and business owners are looking for fresh new ways to improve their commercial office spaces. New trends

Why Should You Be Thinking More About Slope Correction?

January 10 2022
Slope correction is a common requirement in most paving and decking applications. Examples include: - Building on an incline (and wanting a level

What Does B Roof (T4) Mean For Architects Designing Roof Terraces?

January 10 2022
If you are designing buildings at height, it may be easy to forget that Building Fire Regulations differ depending on what area of a building you are

What Pedestal Range Should I Choose for My Project?

December 15 2021
The most basic function of an adjustable pedestal is to provide a level surface upon which to apply your finishing product – be it paving or decking.

How Many Pedestals Do I Need For My Paving Project?

December 14 2021
Having an understanding of how many pedestals you will need for your project will help you to manage budget expectations more efficiently, whilst

Top 3 Accessories To Consider For Your Pedestal System

November 30 2021
Buzon’s pedestal system ranges each boast their own bespoke range of accessories, so it’s worth taking a look at each range (PB, DPH, BC, BC-FR,

Why Outdoor Spaces Are Crucial in Commercial Office Developments

November 30 2021
There’s no denying that the way we work has changed at an accelerated rate. Employees are seeking more flexibility in both how they work and the

What To Consider When Specifying Pedestal Pavers

November 16 2021
Each and every one of your decking installations is going to be unique. With that will come unique challenges that you and your team need to overcome

A Specifier’s Guide to Pedestal Pavers

October 14 2021
Specifying the right pavers or surface finish for your commercial decking project can, at first glance, seem overwhelming. You have to consider both

How Can Your Decking Pedestal Create Gaps Between Pavers?

September 28 2021
When it comes to creating the perfect tiled installation, it’s important to remember one crucial component: separating your pavers. Not only is this

What Decking Pedestals Are Best for Inclined Terraces?

September 21 2021
Every terrace is different, and the variables can seem overwhelming at first glance. Fortunately, combatting inclined spaces has never been easier

The Ideal Decking Pedestals For Terraces

September 08 2021
One of the strongest themes in contemporary landscaping is that of a ‘new garden’, whereby an exterior of a building is treated as an additional

4.5 Things Not To Miss When Specifying Adjustable Decking Supports

August 31 2021
If you’re involved with the construction of a raised floor, external terrace or grating system within the commercial, domestic or industrial sector,

Difference Between Decking Feet, Decking Risers And Decking Supports?

August 31 2021
There’s a very simple answer to this question… they all mean exactly the same thing. That’s right. It’s just three different ways to describe

The Best Adjustable Deck Supports For Commercial Projects

August 23 2021
Put simply, the best adjustable deck supports are those that provide the most features and benefits to make the installer’s life easier. This, in

Features To Look Out For With Adjustable Decking Supports

August 09 2021
Adjustable decking supports are the ‘unsung heroes’ of your external flooring project. They’re neither seen nor heard, they appear to serve no

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Commercial Decking Installation

August 04 2021
If you’re working on a commercial project, whether that be a hotel, restaurant or office space, you want to make sure that your decking installation

Essential Tips For Decking Installation

August 03 2021
When it comes to the construction of decking systems, you need a solution that overcomes a variety of challenges. Whether it’s allowing for uneven

What Sets Buzon Adjustable Pedestals Apart?

August 03 2021
For more than 30 years, Buzon has developed pedestal systems to support every type of external flooring scheme. From water features to timber

How Can Fire Rated Pedestals Separate Pavers?

June 22 2021
Ensuring you achieve a paving design with adequate separation that facilitates drainage, creates a uniform design, and looks professional is an

How Do Fire Rated Pedestals Allow for Drainage?

May 25 2021
The most obvious function of a metal fire-rated pedestal is the fact that… it’s fire-rated. Since the ban on combustible materials on buildings and

3 Things to Avoid With Metal Pedestals

May 04 2021
If you’re a designer or specifier working on a high-rise external flooring project, you’ll need to ensure that all flooring components including

What Can You Achieve With Fire-Rated Pedestals?

April 19 2021
If you’re in the market for fire-rated pedestals, you will notice that there are a variety of options out there these days, all of which offer

Adjustable Pedestals & Wind Uplift Considerations

March 11 2021
Whilst conditions severe enough to cause any movement on paved or tiled terraces are extremely rare in the UK, there may be some instances which

How To Achieve A B-Rated Composite Deck

February 26 2021
If your project or scheme requires you to specify class B-rated materials for your external flooring application, it’s important to understand what

What Is A ‘U-Foot’ And How Can It Aid Slope Correction?

February 23 2021
Working with slopes and inclines can be quite an intricate task for the installer, which is why accessories like the U-Foot are an invaluable

Can Adjustable Pedestals be Cut in Half?

February 17 2021
People sometimes ask whether adjustable pedestals can be cut in half as a solution for dealing with walls and the edge of terraces. This may seem

Adjustable Pedestals: What are Shims?

January 26 2021
Most pedestal projects require the use of accessories to ensure that paving or tiling (whether it’s a terrace or other external application) is

Do Paving Pedestals Need Adjustment After A Period of Time?

November 10 2020
When a structural product consists of adjustable parts, it would be reasonable to ask whether they need to be re-adjusted after a certain period,

Why are Buzon Adjustable Pedestals Ideal for GRP Grating?

August 25 2020
Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is fast becoming the preferred material for floor grating in industrial settings. This is particularly due to its

6 Ways Buzon Adjustable Pedestals Can Reduce Installation Time

August 19 2020
The need to deliver projects on time, to spec and to budget is a core aim that we all strive for within the construction industry. When installing

How Can Adjustable Pedestals Separate Pavers?

August 06 2020
When considering adjustable pedestals for commercial and residential purposes, it’s crucial that the model you opt for has the ability to separate

How Can Adjustable Pedestals Allow for Drainage?

August 04 2020
Whatever kind of project you are working on, whether commercial or domestic, it is crucial to consider the impact of water on an outside space, and

How Can Adjustable Pedestals Help with Inclined Terraces?

July 23 2020
Due to the wide variety of adjustable pedestals and accessories we have available, we get a lot of questions about our products, and we often get

Buzon Pedestals Support Porcelain Tile External Terraces at Care Home

November 26 2019
Buzon were specified by London Borough of Lewisham to supply and install BC and DPH adjustable pedestals supporting Alfresco Floors Dolmite Draken

Stunning Roof Terrace completed at 100 Bishopsgate’s 40 Storey Tower

November 07 2019
100 Bishopsgate is part of a mixed-use commercial development by Brookfiled Multiplex and Architects Allies & Morrison. The forty-storey tower is

Manhattan Loft Gardens shortlisted for 2019 Project of the Year

October 29 2019
Shortlisted for Building Magazine’s 2019 Project of the Year. The stunning Manhattan Loft Gardens is a luxury high rise 42-storey residential tower

Buzon Team Commence Works at London Development Chelsea Barracks

October 21 2019
Chelsea Barracks is the new prestigious development located on the site of the historical army barracks landmark in Westminster, Central London. The

The New Vintry & Mercer Boutique Hotel uses Buzon PB Pedestal System

October 07 2019
Steeped in history, the new Vintry & Mercer hotel is located in the London’s Vintry Ward in the City of London. Buzon were specified to supply and

Buzon to Supply and Install PB Pedestals for Goldman Sachs European HQ

September 07 2019
Buzon feel very privileged to be part of this stunning new £1 billion development from Architects Gross Max. The flagship 10 storey Goldman Sachs

Stunning London Residence uses Buzon DPH Pedestals for Roof Terrace

August 07 2019
The beautiful weather this summer saw an increase in demand for luxury residential projects for Buzon. For this stunning private London residence in

Beautiful New Timber Deck supported on Buzon Adjustable Pedestals

July 07 2019
Buzon were recently specified to supply and install DPH adjustable pedestals for this 50m2 private residential project. Our sustainable pedestals

Luxury Private Residence uses Buzon Adjustable Pedestals for Sun Deck

June 07 2019
A unique luxury private residential property located just outside London near Watford. Buzon UK were commissioned to supply and install various sizes

Check out our new Buzon DPH Videos

March 19 2019
Take a look at our new easy-to-view videos and discover more about Buzon’s DPH product range. Check out the rest on our YouTube page.

Buzon UK joins Product Innovators at Futurebuild 2019

March 19 2019
Buzon UK are pleased to exhibit again at Futurebuild 2019 at ExCel, London – 5-7 March. Buzon will join thought leaders and decision makers who will

Works at Southbank Place Complete for Prater

January 09 2019
Over 1000sqm of Buzon PB pedestals have been installed on all apartment balconies on Levels 6-15 and across the Level 16 roof terrace at Southbank

Condolences to the Buzon family…

January 07 2019
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Mr Claude Buzon, one of the greatest inventors and founder of Buzon Pedestals International.

Buzon Pedestals at FutureScape

December 04 2018
FutureScape has secured its place as the largest landscape exhibition in the UK, with attendees and exhibitors flocking from across the country for

Buzon PB pedestal range now live on Buzon UK website

December 04 2018
We’re delighted to announce the Buzon PB pedestal system is now live on the Buzon UK website. The PB series is the latest pedestal range to be

DPH Pedestals Installed at White City Place

October 30 2018
Last year Buzon UK were specified to install the Buzon DPH pedestal system under a large area of timber tiered seating, creating the perfect space

Buzon Supply DPH Pedestals for Royal Opera House Project

October 30 2018
Buzon UK were commissioned by Stanton Williams Architects to supply and install the DPH pedestal system to support the GRAD decking system supplied

Buzon ALUrail Specified for Selfridges Roof Terrace

October 08 2018
High above the shop floors of Selfridges, London’s high-end department store is a newly renovated outdoor terrace area. Buzon UK were commissioned by

ALUgrate System used on Royal Opera House Project

October 04 2018
The Buzon ALUgrate aluminium drainage system was recently specified for installation on the fifth floor decking area at the Royal Opera House’s new

Stamford Bridge Stand completed for Chelsea Football Club

September 17 2018
Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea Football Club is located in Fulham and is one London’s top sports venues. Like every football club in the

Follow Buzon UK on Twitter

August 06 2018
Check out our latest tweets right here We aim to keep you updated on all our latest news including product updates, hot new projects and what’s going

New BIM objects added to the NBS National BIM library

July 25 2018
We’ re pleased to announce the following new BIM objects are now live on the NBS National BIM library:

Star & Garter Phase 2

July 02 2018
The Star and Garter is a Grade II listed building with an impeccable royal and cultural lineage. It was designed by Sir Edwin Cooper and built in

Novotel London West

June 28 2018
The newly refurbished exterior terraces at Novotel London West hotel provide guests with a very welcoming non-slip entrance terrace area. Buzon UK

Crystal Palace Football Club Fan Zone opens to the public

June 27 2018
Matchdays at Selhurst Park, Crystal Palace Football Club’s legendary stadium have become even more exciting with the addition of a brand new Fan

Brand new deck at prestigious Private Member’s Club

June 06 2018
In April we collaborated with the Outdoor Deck Company and Ecodek to install their Heritage composite deck boards at Home House, the prestigious

Works commence at The Ram Quarter, Wandsworth

May 01 2018
The Ram Quarter, formerly the Young’s Brewery site, has been a well-known landmark in the heart of Wandsworth Town Centre for over 150 years. The

Work at Station Square Parade now complete

April 18 2018
Work at Station Square Parade, located next to Colchester North Station is now complete. On this project the DPH pedestal system was used to support

Architecture Today feature Gasholders project

April 10 2018
Buzon UK were delighted to be specified on this very unique repurposing project. Designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Gasholders’ architecture is

Buzon UK’s first GRAD decking installation now complete

March 29 2018
Buzon UK were commissioned alongside the Outdoor Deck Company to refurbish the external terrace of a top floor apartment located on Nile Street,

Buzon UK complete first stage at 245 Hammersmith

March 05 2018
As part of a significant refurbishment and new build project (next to the Hammersmith Novotel Hotel in Hammersmith, London). Buzon UK supplied and

Introducing GRAD – The Most Efficient Decking System on the Market

February 27 2018
The Outdoor Deck Company’s new GRAD decking system technology is the most efficient system we have ever seen in the UK. The unique ‘invisible fixing’

Vast external terrace at Google HQ

February 22 2018
The current Google HQ, located in King’s Cross benefits from a large external floor space over several levels. The decking is a bespoke solid section

Work at White City Place now complete

February 16 2018
Buzon UK have recently completed the installation of the Buzon DPH pedestal system at White City Place. Adjacent to Westfield Shopping Centre, this

One Tower Bridge – an Award winning project

January 30 2018
Maylim, the contractor on this prestigious project was awarded the `Grand Award` and `Principle Award – Hard Landscaping Construction over £1.5m` at

Work beings for Buzon UK at Station Square Parade, Colchester

January 22 2018
Work has started on Station Square Parade, next to Colchester North Station. Buzon UK have been commission to supply and install the DPH pedestal

Gasholders King’s Cross – project now complete

January 22 2018
At the beginning of January we completed our work on Gasholders (Triplets) in the heart of the King’s Cross redevelopment project. The first phase of

Buzon complete first phase of Battersea Power Station redevelopment

January 18 2018
For this landmark project, the Buzon PB pedestal systems were specified for a multitude of areas across this 39-acre site, for use with timber

Access to all services

December 12 2017
Traditionally, services have been laid either above the surface or, where the areas are utilised for pedestrian or vehicle traffic, beneath concrete,

Happy Birthday Buzon!

November 07 2017
This past weekend saw Buzon representatives from all over the world celebrate 30 years of the Buzon pedestal evolution in Liege, Belgium.

It’s all about strength…

October 30 2017
Watch this time-lapse of a train station being rebuilt in just 36 hours using the Buzon DPH pedestal support system and Dura Composites. See the

Buzon pedestals installed at 33 Central

October 23 2017
33 Central, completed this Summer, provides 227,000 sq ft of stunning office space and a quarter acre roof top garden offering panoramic views of

Buzon Resource Centre

September 23 2017
At Buzon UK we pride ourselves on providing our customers with as much technical information and support as possible. By registering with our

Buzon UK launches new website

June 28 2017
We’re delighted to announce the launch of the new Buzon UK website. The site has been developed to deliver extensive product information to help

Introducing the ALUrail System

June 05 2017
The Buzon ALUrail system has been designed to cater for variable length pavers (any length) with the same width. The ALUrail comes in 2 heights; 18mm

Buzon pedestals – We’re all over London

May 08 2017
The reputation of Buzon is growing and as a result Buzon pedestals have been specified across numerous luxury residential and commercial projects

Buzon UK Goes Live on the NBS National BIM Library

May 08 2017
Buzon UK is delighted to announce their adjustable pedestals are now available on the NBS National BIM Library, the UK’s most comprehensive and

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