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The Best Adjustable Deck Supports For Commercial Projects

23 August 2021

Put simply, the best adjustable deck supports are those that provide the most features and benefits to make the installer’s life easier.

This, in turn, will speed up installation time, reduce complications on-site and mitigate the risk of incorrect specification.

Equally, you also want a product that is guaranteed to stand the test of time once the project is complete with a warranty that will back it up.  

With so many options in the market to choose from, it can be difficult to know what constitutes ‘the best’, so this post aims to present a balanced overview of considerations.

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Adjustable Pedestal Strength is Key

It’s often assumed that all pedestals are created equal when, in fact, this isn’t the case. Whilst most adjustable pedestals are manufactured with polypropylene recycled plastic, many will differ when it comes to load-bearing.

Therefore, when carrying out product research, it’s important to compare the results of each individual pedestal’s compression tests. This information should be available on the product’s datasheet.

Another indicator of strength is how thick the polypropylene is. Of course, the thicker the material, the stronger it will be.

So, whilst most deck supports are manufactured with the same material (polypropylene), they can differ greatly in terms of material thickness and load-bearing capabilities.

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Adjustable Pedestal Accessories

You can’t talk about the ‘best’ adjustable deck supports without acknowledging their associated accessories.

Deck supports alone aren’t enough to accommodate steep inclines, facilitate drainage and allow for unusual-shaped pavers; instead, it’s the compatible accessories that enhance the capability of the pedestal.

Accessories include (but are not limited to):

Different pedestal models will have different associated accessories and your supplier of choice should inform you on which is best to use based on your design brief.

Make Sure You Consider Case Studies

When determining ‘the best’ pedestals to use for your given application, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the projects in which your pedestal of interest has been used.

A relevant case study is a great indicator as to how the deck support meets a variety of unique requirements and demands, so this shouldn’t be neglected during your product research process.

Case studies are also a great way to spark your creativity and open your eyes to the myriad of options available to you. There are many things you can do with raised terrace projects, and case studies clearly demonstrate the ‘proof in the pudding… or paving?’.

Paver Compatibility

The best deck supports are also those that are versatile. Pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights and as such, your deck support should provide the ideal load-bearing capability.

We touched on this previously when considering the strength of your deck supports, but it’s worth noting that not all deck supports work well with heavier surface materials such as porcelain, concrete or stone.

One of the first questions your supplier will ask is, “what surface material will you be using?”

This, alongside other details of your project, will determine the type of deck support that will be recommended.


Check what kind of warranty the pedestal manufacturer is offering.  Some manufacturers are very limited in what they will offer.

However, Buzon is unique in its 30-year project warranty.  


It’s clear that ‘the best’ boils down to the unique requirements of your project. A pedestal isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ piece of kit. Therefore, a thorough site survey or consultation will be required to determine the most appropriate deck support for your project.

Keep in mind that the more your supplier can provide - in terms of pedestal type, the number of accessories and the length of warranty – the more options you’ll have at your disposal.

Keen to learn more? Don’t hesitate to speak to an expert today.

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