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4.5 Things Not To Miss When Specifying Adjustable Decking Supports

31 August 2021

If you’re involved with the construction of a raised floor, external terrace or grating system within the commercial, domestic or industrial sector, you’ll want to ensure that your decking supports work hard for you.

This means going above and beyond their basic functions, enabling you to deliver so much more in the most simplistic way possible.

Here are 4.5 things not to miss!

#1 Levelling groundworks with your decking supports

It’s rare to find a project that is graced with a level surface on which to lay your flooring.

So, many installers are faced with the prospect of levelling existing groundworks prior to installation. If you’ve been involved in this, you’ll understand how onerous this process can be, particularly with strict project timelines.

The solution to levelling off existing groundworks is through slope correction.

Slope correctors adjust the angle of the pedestal head to accommodate any slopes or inclines, allowing you to create a millimetre-precise, level terrace.

Many pedestals on the market have slope correctors built into the pedestal head, but the more advanced models can offer slope correction of up to 15% - ideal if working with highly uneven ground surfaces.

When calculating the slope correction required, ensure you use tools that will allow you to perform the perfect adjustment. Buzon's Bubble Level measures the value and direction of the slope at the point of placement.

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#2 Building Sub-Fames With Adjustable deck supports


Alongside levelling up existing groundworks, one of the biggest headaches that an installer will face is the prospect of building a sub-frame to provide support for the surface material.

In the past, this would have required the installer to build a metal or timber frame, prior to fitting the decking or paving slabs.

However, spacer tabs remove the need for this added work, as they create a natural subframe. Using spacer tabs, pavers can be laid directly on top of the pedestal and affixed securely in place.

#0.5 What about unusual-shaped layout design?

Most adjustable pedestals will have basic spacer tab functionality, which is great for rectilinear layouts. But what if you’re working with unusual shapes?

Some of the most advanced pedestals in the market will allow you to add and remove spacer tabs as necessary, placing them in a range of different positions to accommodate your unique paving requirements.

#3 Fixing & Grouting

image to show paver separation without grouting

Priming and grouting your paving can help to deliver a smooth and polished aesthetic – and this is common in most domestic applications.

But in commercial settings, this can become impractical since utilities and cabling are often located underneath where the flooring is laid.

A benefit to Buzon deck supports – and most other modern-day models – is that pavers can be laid directly on top of the pedestal with no major fixing or grouting required.

#4 Drainage

Drainage can become more troublesome if working with paved applications as opposed to timber or composite boards.

This is where the ever-useful spacer tabs come into play again. It’s worth noting that the Buzon range of spacer tabs come in a variety of widths, heights and shapes, meaning that drainage can be easily accommodated.

Drainage, however, needs to also be acknowledged around the edges of your decking area as this is where considerable moisture build-up is likely to take place.

Buzon’s U-Edge can help with this. It’s a versatile edge support that can be used alongside any of Buzon’s pedestal ranges. The U-Edge will always guarantee a regular, consistent gap between the paver and terrace edge.


Overcoming these common issues with your commercial, residential or industrial project will save you time, money and headaches – so carefully selecting your deck supports is a crucial first step to take.

If you’d like further information, speak to an expert at Buzon today.

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