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Difference Between Decking Feet, Decking Risers And Decking Supports?

31 August 2021

There’s a very simple answer to this question… they all mean exactly the same thing.

That’s right. It’s just three different ways to describe adjustable pedestals.

You’ll notice that we use all three terms interchangeably throughout our website, and that’s because people use different terminology depending on demographic and professional background.

A Brief History of Adjustable Pedestals

Adjustable are support structures, primarily constructed of polypropylene plastic. They act as miniature pillars, supporting the joist sub-structure of decking, paving, or other flooring systems.

They emerged during the 1960s, around the same time that raised floors came into prominence. At that time, society was witnessing an increasing demand for technology in commercial buildings, and raised floors enabled businesses to conceal cabling, electrical power and other building services by creating a void between the original floor surface and the raised surface.

A raised floor system – whether indoors or outdoors – provides flexibility to building owners, managers and caretakers, and the inclusion of removable floor panels (whether paving or decking), allows for quick, easy access for reconfiguration and maintenance.

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Why use decking & paver supports?

Quite simply, the use of decking and paver supports can significantly speed up time-on-site, making the installer’s life much easier and project outcomes much more efficient.

Here are just some of the benefits of using decking supports on your commercial project:

Saves time levelling groundwoks – with built-in slope correction on the head of the pedestals, there’s no need for installers to spend time levelling up existing groundworks. In some cases, slope correctors can provide correction of up to 10%, meaning you can obtain millimetre-precise level surface.

Adequate drainage – spacer tabs allow for water to effectively run between deck boards and pavers, ensuring water pooling doesn’t occur.

Removes the need for fixing and grouting – pavers can be laid and fixed in place securely on top of the pedestals.

Reduces the need to build subframes – as well as facilitating drainage, spacer tabs also create a natural subframe.

What sets Buzon deck support pedestals apart?

Buzon has a suite of over 200 deck supports and accessories, including Euroclass A & B fire-rated options. This sheer volume allows us to confidently say we have “a pedestal for every project”.

Careful, clever, yet simple engineering is what sets us apart. Each pedestal and their associated accessories allow you to achieve intricate designs, no matter how complex, and this clever engineering means you’ll get the job done quicker, too.


Whilst many suppliers offer only a ten-year warranty, Buzon is unique in that we provide a 30-year project warranty, demonstrating how confident we are in our pedestal’s performance.

For further information, speak to one of our technical experts today.

Download Buzon eBook - A Pedestal for Every Project

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