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How Can Fire Rated Pedestals Separate Pavers?

22 June 2021

Ensuring you achieve a paving design with adequate separation that facilitates drainage, creates a uniform design, and looks professional is an important part of your external flooring project. 

When creating paver separation with pedestals, it’s also crucial that it provides easy access to the underfloor area to allow for cables, pipes, and other utilities. 

Paying close attention to the spacer tabs, on whichever fire-rated adjustable pedestal system you specify, means you can deliver a consistent and aesthetically pleasing external floor for your commercial or residential space. 

In this article, we will explore the design features of the Buzon A-PED and its spacer tab feature. Read on to find out more… 

What Are Spacer Tabs on Adjustable Pedestals? 

Pavers can be easily separated with Buzon spacer tabs. With our range of pedestals, you can create uniform gaps between pavers through the unique design of the spacer tab system. 

Depending on the range you choose, the spacer tabs come in different widths, heights and even shapes. For example, our circular spacer tabs are highly adaptable to all forms of paver, meaning you can choose whichever design you wish, whether geometric or otherwise. 

For the BC and BC-FR range, the spacer tab is fitted individually on the head of the pedestal. With the DPH and PB range, the spacer tabs fit centrally on the pedestal head. 

The Spacer Tabs on the A-PED Fire Rated Pedestals  

Like with our other ranges, our spacer tabs on our fire-rated A-PED pedestals are perfect for maintaining alignment and facilitating drainage for your high-rise external flooring projects. 
The A-PED comes with 3mm wide, 12mm high spacer tabs built into the head but these can be extended to 5mm using caps that fit over the existing spacer tabs. The existing spacer tabs can be removed as required. 

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Are All Fire-Rated Spacer Tabs Created Equal? 

Do all spacer tabs provide the same level of functionality depending on what you specify? Well, on a basic level, yes. They all do the same job of separating pavers and allowing free drainage between them 

However, when it comes to fire-rated pedestals, plastic paver tabs just won’t do! In order to accommodate a whole system approach that fully meets building fire regulations, the paver tabs must also be fire-rated. Without metal spacer tabs, the flooring system cannot claim to be 100% fire-rated. 

Buzon’s fire-rated range of pedestals and accessories offer a 100% fire-rated system, with unique spacer tabs which are ‘built-in’ to the head of the pedestal. However, they are also then removable if a flat surface is needed for joists and decking. In this scenario, you can also benefit from the pedestal head’s pre-drilled holes that are ready for attaching joists. 

Even more unique to our range is the design of the 5mm spacer tab extension caps that fit over the existing 3mm spacer tabs provide greater versatility. 

Additional Features to Look Out for With Your Fire-Rated Pedestals 

Newly launched into the external flooring adjustable pedestal market, The A-PED is one of the first fire-rated pedestals that offers the same functionality and durability that other decking pedestals possess. 

When specifying fire-rated pedestals, we recommend you look out for features such as: 

  • Adjustment range (the A-PED ranges from 42mm to 282mm) 
  • Integrated slope correction 
  • Compatibility with both paving, decking and grating 
  • Large load-spreading base (to ensure it doesn’t compromise insulation or waterproof membranes) 

Finding a fire-rated pedestal that offers this functionality will be difficult, but with the A-PED, all this (and more) is guaranteed.  

Conclusion: Find Out More About The A-PED Today 

Fire-rated adjustable pedestals can separate pavers through the use of spacer tabs. Here at Buzon, we stand by our mantra: There really is a pedestal for every project. 

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Alternatively, use the form below to explain your project further and an expert will be in touch soon. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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