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How Do Fire Rated Pedestals Allow for Drainage?

25 May 2021

The most obvious function of a metal fire-rated pedestal is the fact that… it’s fire-rated.  

Since the ban on combustible materials on buildings and ‘specified attachments’ over 18 metres in height, there has been a need for manufacturers to provide solutions to accommodate these revised safety regulations.  

But that doesn’t mean all the other features that you expect from adjustable pedestals  are secondary.  How your pedestal facilitates drainage is an important feature detail in any external flooring pedestal. 

When developing an external flooring system, accounting for the need for drainage and a void beneath your system is incredibly important. Wet weather is a given for any external floor, and if not appropriately catered for, it can create slip-hazards for users due to pooling water. 

So whether you are working on a commercial or residential project, this article will explore how fire-rated pedestals, like Buzon’s A1 Rated A-PED, can allow for drainage. 

Using Spacer Tabs for your External Flooring 

Whether paving, grating, or decking, your external flooring solution is designed for sufficient drainage. 

When using paving, the gaps between your pavers must allow for water to run off, but you must also ensure that they are uniform to meet your design requirements and deliver a professional finish. 

To solve this,  the head of the Buzon A-PED adjustable pedestal is supplied with 3mm spacer tabs for separating pavers - maintaining perfect alignment and facilitating drainage.  The more options regarding the height and width of the spacer tab, the better.  Buzon’s A-PED comes with a 3mm spacer tab as standard and an additional 5mm accessory.  

The tabs can be removed for decking projects, leaving a flat head with pre-drilled holes for attaching joists.  Water tends to find its way between deckboards, regardless of which fire-rated option used, whether it be aluminium decking, ceramic or pressed concrete.

Optimal water runoff is supported further by the natural void the pedestals make below your flooring surface. This void also makes sure any utilities are concealed, such as pipes, cabling or drainage channels.


Here at Buzon, we understand that one of the most important aspects of your outdoor flooring application is whether it will allow for effective drainage. 

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