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What Can You Achieve With Fire-Rated Pedestals?

19 April 2021

If you’re in the market for fire-rated pedestals, you will notice that there are a variety of options out there these days, all of which offer varying degrees of functionality.

For that reason, what you’ll be able to achieve with your external flooring will vary, depending on what pedestal option you go for.

As part of the release of Buzon’s latest Class A-Rated Adjustable Pedestal Range, the A-PED, this post aims to highlight the level of design functionality achievable with Buzon’s Class A Rated pedestal.

Read on to find out more…


Before identifying what you can achieve with fire-rated pedestals, it’s important to note that – no matter which manufacturer you work with – your fire-rated pedestal will be made from metal, usually a combination of aluminium and steel.

Because of this, many fire-rated pedestals will be limited as to the level of functionality they provide.

And that’s where Buzon’s A-PED is different.

The designers at Buzon have taken the design functionality of their regular polypropylene pedestals and created a Class A Rated alternative, allowing designers and specifiers to use them on more complex high-rise projects.

Now let’s explore the things you can achieve…


The most important function of a metal fire-rated pedestal is the fact that… it’s fire-rated.

Since the ban on combustible materials on buildings and ‘specified attachments’ over 18 metres in height, there has been a need for manufacturers to provide solutions to accommodate these revised safety regulations.

This massively impacts the type of materials you’re permitted to use, particularly if working at height, on a balcony, walkway, terrace or other recreational area.

And whilst the Regulations are only in place for ‘relevant buildings’ over 18 metres in height, some suggest that it’s only a matter of time before these Regulations are made more stringent, reducing the permitted height and increasing the number of buildings classified as ‘relevant’.

There’s certainly a need for manufacturers to provide a good Class A rated pedestal.

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Slope correction isn’t something you will achieve with all fire-rated pedestals. However, it’s most certainly a function not to be neglected.

Enabling ramps on your scheme, for example, will ensure DDA compliance, making for an accessible area, whether it’s a rooftop, balcony or other exterior application.

And on most substrate you will need to deal with falls and compensate for slopes.

Buzon’s A-PED has slope corrector built in the base of the pedestal, allowing you to create inclines up to 5% with millimetre precision.


When researching fire-rated pedestals, drainage functionality, again, is something not to be missed.

Ensure that your fire-rated pedestal creates a void beneath the surface. This will allow for rainwater to run under your system. A void will also allow for pipes, cabling and drainage channels to be kept out of sight.

However, the biggest bearing on drainage functionality is the spacing between your pavers and around the edges (perimeter) of your application, and spacer tabs play a significant role in this.

The more options in regard to height and width of spacer tab, the better. Buzon’s A-PED comes with a 3mm spacer tab as standard and an additional 5mm accessory.   Unlike some manufacturers who provide only plastic accessories, Buzon's A-PED full range is A1-rated, and the spacer tabs are no exception.

Spacer tabs will also ensure that your pavers are evenly separated, allowing for a professional finish.

The A-PED spacer tabs can be removed as required to suit different paver configurations, or to accommodate joists.


With fire-rated pedestals, you will naturally achieve a stronger solution when compared to other plastic counterparts. This is due to their robust metal construction.

This is an added bonus since Class A-rated surface materials will, in many cases, be heavier than other composite materials.  Examples include natural stone, concrete and porcelain, all of which are classified as A-rated. Therefore, it’s essential that your fire-rated pedestal can withstand heavy loading requirements.


When aiming for fire-rated compliance, you shouldn’t compromise on your design. In other words, your metal pedestals should allow for a good level of functionality.

Unfortunately, many fire-rated pedestals on the market are limited as to what you can achieve, so opt for a solution that serves a multitude of purposes.

For more information on Buzon’s latest Class A-Rated pedestal, speak to an expert today.

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