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What Sets Buzon Adjustable Pedestals Apart?

03 August 2021

For more than 30 years, Buzon has developed pedestal systems to support every type of external flooring scheme.  From water features to timber decking, concrete pavers to GRP grating, from industrial spaces to breath-taking landscapes, high-rise terraces  to subterranean gardens; as the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of adjustable pedestals, and with extensive hands-on installation experience, Buzon experts can assist in any project, always staying true to our motto that there’s a pedestal for every project.

Unlike other players in the pedestal space, Buzon is the authentic original in well-designed pedestal systems, and our patented technology cannot be matched by other suppliers or manufacturers.

In this article, we will explore exactly what sets Buzon pedestals apart and why they truly are the best in the market.

buzon pedelstals

Buzon Pedestal Features

Buzon pedestals are known for offering every element needed to design and create a stunning terrace or other external flooring projects.

With their high level of quality and durability, as well as being millimetre perfect in adjustment, the Buzon range of pedestals caters for many complex and delicate site challenges that specifiers can face. For slope correction, drainage facilitation, wind uplift, ease of void access, perfect paver separation, creation of inclines and achieving fire rating, Buzon pedestals beat the competition by a long shot, and all with rapid installation times.

On top of all that, with Buzon pedestals you can rest assured with its strong and sturdy installation through the pedestals inbuilt locking system. This fixes the pedestals in place, preventing rotation or changes in height.

We also offer a wide range of accessories to help you create your raised decking. Whatever the project, we have easy and reliable solutions which address many of the problems encountered on construction sites.

With over thirty years of pedestal innovation, and due to their incredible design features, you can be sure to find Buzon pedestals in some of the world's most prestigious projects. For any project’s technical challenges, we work with architects, professionals and suppliers, to provide our expertise in developing solutions that optimise the completion of domestic and public works projects.


What sets Buzon pedestal apart is that, as world leaders in the manufacture and distribution of adjustable pedestal systems for the construction of external terraces, we have decades of expertise in designing, manufacturing and installation pedestals that meet specifier’s, construction professionals, and end clients’ wants and needs.

With Buzon you’re guaranteed reduced installation time, better quality, and a longer-lasting solution. To assure this, in 2017 we become the first pedestal company to offer a 30-year project guarantee.

buzon pedelstals

If you need help choosing the correct pedestal for your project, then why don't you get some words of wisdom from one of our pedestal experts. And, of course, the Buzon experts are always on hand to talk about your project and make the install as efficient as possible!

That’s why we actively encourage a no-obligation conversation to discuss your needs further. Call our office on+ 44 (0)20 8614 0874 today.

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