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Download Your Guide for Overcoming 5 Key Challenges in External Flooring

This guide imparts knowledge gained through decades of industry experience involved in some of the world’s most prestigious projects.

By identifying some of the key challenges that designers and installers typically face within the application of external flooring and how these can be overcome, this guide will ensure your confidence in current and future projects.

We explore each of these challenges, giving you an understanding of how Buzon’s adjustable pedestals and accessories can be used to fulfil and exceed your design requirements.


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Chapters Include:

  • Challenge 1: Drainage
  • Challenge 2: Inclined or Uneven Terraces
  • Challenge 3: Separating Pavers
  • Challenge 4: Installation Time
  • Challenge 5: Fire Rating

 See our pedestals in action.

The Shard | Case Study
Marine Bay Sands, Singapore | Case Study
100 Bishopsgate | Case Study
Baiso-In Temple | Case Study
245 Hammersmith | Case Study
Stratford Hotel | Case Study