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What Is A ‘U-Foot’ And How Can It Aid Slope Correction?

23 February 2021

Working with slopes and inclines can be quite an intricate task for the installer, which is why accessories like the U-Foot are an invaluable accessory for your external flooring project.  

The U-Foot, also known as the ‘Pedestal Stop’ is a simple tool which helps to maintain the setting of a base slope corrector whilst the pedestal is attached and adjusted to the correct height.

In this post, we’ll be exploring this unique accessory further, explaining how it can be used in conjunction with other tools to help you achieve optimum incline performance, no matter what project you’re working on.

Let’s begin…

You can’t talk about the U-Foot without mentioning the U-PH5 Slope corrector, which is used at the base of the pedestal.  It can be set to the correct incline and locked into position to maintain the adjustment value of the slope.  The U-PH5 is compatible with all of our standard pedestal ranges; we even have a B-rated version (U-PH5-FR) for our self-extinguishing range of pedestals, the BC-FR.

Once the adjustment value has been established, the U-Foot fits firmly into the slots around the perimeter of the slope corrector. This then allows the installer to press down on the U-Foot to hold the slope corrector, in place whilst the pedestal is fitted into position.



How Are Slopes Measured in the First Place?

Before taking advantage of the U-PH5 and the U-Foot’s features, you firstly need to measure the incline needed to create your terrace. This can be achieved by using the Bubble-Level.

The Bubble-Level measures the degree and direction of the slope at the point of placement.



So, when the Bubble-Level, U-PH5 Slope Corrector and the U-Foot work together, they can allow the adjustable pedestal to sit at the required level, meaning the installer can accommodate slopes of varying inclines. This is ideal if building ramps into your design or correcting uneven terraces.


Adjustable Pedestal Slope Correction in Action

Many of our projects utilise the slope correction functionality that these accessories provide. Here are some case studies that you may find interesting:

2-6 Cannon Street: A new build commercial office building in London that had an unusual-shaped roof which was used as an exterior roof terrace.

Google HQ King’s Cross: The main terrace achieved a seamless, sleek look, providing wheelchair access ramps using the DPH slope correction system.

100 Bishopsgate: This 190m2 landscaped roof terrace benefitted from our BC pedestals, helping to create platforms, ramps and steps.


The Cost of A U-Foot

The U-Foot is provided as standard with the U-PH5 at no additional cost. This means that your installers can carry out the installation with more efficiency without the worry of having to stretch your budget to achieve your desired result.



The U-Foot is a smart and handy tool for slope correction and when used in conjunction with other accessories, can greatly improve efficiencies for the installer.

To find out more about the benefits of the U-Foot – or any adjustable pedestal accessories in our rage - talk to an expert today who will advise you on the best options for your external flooring project.

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