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Adjustable Pedestals & Wind Uplift Considerations

11 March 2021

Whilst conditions severe enough to cause any movement on paved or tiled terraces are extremely rare in the UK, there may be some instances which require pavers to have stronger fixings than the natural security provided by the significant downward force provided by the pavers themselves.

Note: just because we don’t experience significantly high wind speeds here in the UK, there are other circumstances that could create the right conditions for wind uplift, for example, tall buildings in close proximity to each other could create a vortex.

In this post, we explore the solutions available to ensure that wind uplift will never be a problem, ensuring your pavers and pedestals remain firmly in position, whatever the elements throw at you.

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Tackling Wind Uplift With The Wind DisC

Buzon’s ‘Wind Resistance Disc’, also known as the U-WASHER, has been specifically designed to give extra security by physically locking down pavers to the head of the pedestal.

The U-WASHER is compatible with all of our standard ranges, however you will need to use a different fixing product according to the range.  PB-KIT-1 works with the PB and BC ranges and clicks in to place on the centre of the pedestal head allowing it to be used with regular spacer tabs of thickness 4.5mm or more.  For DPH pedestals, a special spacer tab unit (DPH-WASHER-TAB-4.5MM H17) is required, which has a fixing for the U-WASHER built in.     4.5mm thick spacer tabs are required as a minimum in order to accommodate the width of the screw.

Once the pavers are in position, the U-WASHER is screwed into the fixing, holding everything in place.

PB-KIT-1  can be seen in the animation below:




Aesthetic Considerations

Although the wind resistance discs sit flush with the pavers, they will become visual elements of the scheme.

Our wind resistance discs are available in seven different colour options, including Inox (stainless steel), in order for you to match to your pavers.  For large schemes of over 500m2 , there is even an option to create a bespoke U-WASHER to match any RAL colour.

Alternatively, you may opt for a contrasting colour if your project allows you to make a statement.

Clear wind resistance discs are also available if required.

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When Wind Uplift Isn’t a Huge Problem, But You Require Added SeCURITY

Wind resistance discs are rarely used in the UK for reasons mentioned previously, and in most cases ‘projects at height’ or exposed terraces benefit from a dab of glue on the corners of each paver to ensure extra security.  In all other circumstances, the sheer weight of pavers (an average 600 x 600mm porcelain tile weighs in excess of 15kg) will ensure that there is no lift.

If using glue, it's important that you use the right type.  If specifying Buzon pedestals, then it must be compatible with polypropylene – the material used to manufacture our pedestals. This type of glue can be purchased from most general builder’s merchants and we also supply a compatible glue called CT1.  Ask an expert for more information.

Whilst the 'dab of glue' is enough to give extra 'sticking' power, it won't prevent you from being able to lift up the paver if you need to access the void or other vital components underneath the paving area.  


Don’t let wind uplift get the better of your project. Talk to an expert about how you can ensure stability and security on your paving project.

Simply call +44 020 8614 0874 or email for more information.

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