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Top 3 Accessories To Consider For Your Pedestal System

30 November 2021

Buzon’s pedestal system ranges each boast their own bespoke range of accessories, so it’s worth taking a look at each range (PB, DPH, BC, BC-FR, A-PED) individually to get a true overview of your options. This blog post aims to highlight a couple of the most universally helpful accessories that can be used within your next decking installation.

In many situations, the pedestal alone won’t be enough to create the desired outcome for your paving or decking area. Most pedestals offer height adjustment and paver separation but often, they rely on additional components to enable installers to overcome other challenges – from uneven landscapes to perimeter edging (and more).

Selecting a pedestal that will allow for the application of these accessories is the first step – as you will need to ensure that the pedestals and accessories are compatible.

In this post, we’ve selected three pedestal accessories that we feel deserve that special mention. These three options offer installers unparalleled flexibility, but, as previously mentioned, take a look at each specific pedestal range – as these will provide further insight into the specific range of accessories we have on offer for each pedestal.

U-EDGE - THE Edging Accessory for your Pedestal System 

An edging accessory ideal for most paving installations is the U-EDGE; this innovative and adaptable edge support, creates a quick and easy solution when it comes to completing the installation at the edge of your decking or terrace.

U-EDGE was designed with every type of paving plan in mind.

Working with oddly shaped terraces? It’s flexible tile retainers makes installation easy with any shaped perimeter: curved, angular etc.

This edging accessory allows for the installation of smaller cuts of paving (ranging from 2cm to 14cm) around your decking’s perimeter. The U-EDGE supports these smaller cuts and is screwed in place, directly onto the head of the pedestal system.

By using the U-EDGE, the installer can create a uniform space between the paver and wall which also helps to enable water flow, protecting your flooring from heavy rainfall.       

The U-EDGE is a multi-purpose accessory and a great consideration if you’re looking to simplify the installation of your paving and reliably achieve your desired finish.

To take a look at the U-EDGE in action, watch our video below:


U-WALL - The Go-To Perimeter Accessory for your Pedestal System 

In a similar vein to the U-EDGE, we designed the U-WALL to solve the common issue installers face when trying to create a uniform gap around the perimeter, between the wall and the pavers.

It allows the supporting pedestals to sit very slightly away from the wall, whilst still maintaining perfect alignment to the wall’s edge and preventing any lateral movement.

The U-WALL is compatible with all ranges of Buzon’s pedestal systems. Enabling its use in all manner of decking installations.

By using the U-WALL accessory you can create a 5mm (or greater) gap between the pavers and the wall, which as well as creating a uniform aesthetic, also enables water flow in adverse weather conditions.

Similar to the U-EDGE, it also boasts the same flexibility allowing it to be used with curved and angular walls and can be fixed directly onto the pedestal system head, ensuring it remains in position.

To take a closer look at the U-WALL, watch our video below: 


BUBBLE-LEVEL Slope Calculator 

If you have anything to do with raised decking installations, you probably know that uneven terrain and unwanted slopes can be a huge thorn in your side.

That’s why the Bubble-Level slope calculator is the perfect companion for any future decking project you carry out.

The Bubble-Level measures the value and the direction of a slope from the point of placement. This information then allows the installer to calculate the slope and accurately adjust their decking pedestal system to achieve a perfectly flat surface.  All of our pedestal ranges have slope correction options, even our Class A1 fire-rated pedestal, the A-PED, which has slope correction up to 5% built in to each of the pedestal models.

As it isn’t part of the decking system, it can be used again and again and is compatible with any decking project – making this a worthwhile investment for you and your team.

See how the BUBBLE-LEVEL can assist you, watch our video below: 


Other Noteworthy ACcessories for your Pedestal System 


  • Spacer Tabs: Available for all range of Buzon’s pedestal systems, spacer tabs allow for unprecedented customisability. These ranges allow for rectangular or circular spacer tabs to be individually added to a pedestal’s head, helping to create a uniform look on your decking.
  • Shims: An accessory to consider is the U-E range of Shims, which sit on the head of the pedestal system to aid with stability, deaden sound and can be used in multiple variations to compensate for differing paver thicknesses.
  • BC-KIT-5 Joist Support: This accessory attaches to the head of the pedestal system, firmly securing timber or composite joists to the pedestal head. The BC-KIT-5 can accommodate joists from 30mm to 100mm in width.


These are just 3 (and some extras) of the most useful accessories out there for you to consider using alongside your pedestal systems. As new common pain points arise in decking installation, more and more innovation will take place to tackle this.  

Choosing the correct pedestal system for your project can seem daunting. That’s why we are on hand, with no worry of obligation. If you have any questions, just ask – advice costs nothing. If you need any more information on the subject, feel free to call us on + 44 (0)20 8614 0874 today. 

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