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Where Should Fire-Rated Pedestals Be Used?

15 December 2023

When working on an external flooring project, fire-rated pedestals should be used where there is a requirement for non-combustible components or any space where maximum fire safety is required.

‘Fire Ratings’ are a key talking point within the industry right now, as many specifiers seek safe, compliant solutions.

Instances such as the devastating Grenfell Tower disaster have prompted Building Regulations to adopt a clearer view of acceptable building materials, particularly for high-rise buildings.

Building Regulations have now banned the use of combustible materials on the exteriors of residential buildings above 11 metres in height.  This applies to  ‘specified attachments’, which are defined as balconies.  These methods have encouraged manufacturers to source solutions that allow specifiers and design professionals to specify safe and compliant solutions for their external flooring projects.


fire safetyImage courtesy of the LRWA

*for more information on the BROOF(t4) requirement for roof terraces, please refer to our recent Blog.


What Are Fire-Rated Pedestals?

What makes fire-rated pedestals so unique is the material(s) that they are made from.   Unlike typical non-fired pedestals which are made from polypropylene, fire-rated pedestals are made of metals such as aluminium or steel which are considered non-combustible without the need for testing.   

Metal pedestals should have the full capabilities of their plastic counterparts, and should also be supported by a full range of fire-rated accessories. 


Fire-Rated Pedestals: What To Look Out For

In a previous blog, we explored in detail what should you look out for, specifically, when specifying a fire-rated pedestal.

To summarise that content, here are some key design characteristics that are crucial for your pedestal:

  1. High load-bearing capability
  2. Large load-spreading base of 170mm+ if using with membranes 
  3. Millimeter-precise slope-correction functionality
  4. Wide adjustment range
  5. Fire-rated accessories such as shims, spacer tabs and edging supports
  6. Self-draining
  7. UV Resistant
  8. Chemical Resistant
  9. Maintenance-free
  10. Suitable for use in a variety of temperatures

Aside from the above design characteristics, choosing the right adjustable pedestal manufacturer is a key consideration, as the quality of installation, finish and customer service, which all play a vital role.    


Buildings Under 11 Metres In Height

Of course, fire-rated pedestals aren’t only specified for residential buildings above 11 metres in height.

Industrial settings, for example – or any other area where there is a risk of fire – could require a Class B fire-rated pedestal, such as the Buzon BC-FR Pedestal, which is 100% self-extinguishing in the event of a fire.

Key features of the Buzon B-Rated Pedestal include:

  • Certified Bfl-S1
  • 100% self-extinguishing
  • Adjustable height range of 28-1025mm with optional slope correction
  • Flexibility to use with standard and non-standard paving slabs, aluminium decking and access floors
  • Load – exceeds 1000kg per pedestal



It’s clear that fire-rated pedestals are a crucial component in a variety of external flooring applications.

With a wide choice of products and accessories in the Buzon offering, it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re looking for. We hope this post has helped you in your product research, but if you need further guidance, our experts are always on hand. Just call +44 (0)20 8614 0874.

We also provide in-person and virtual CPD training sessions designed to educate specifiers about the benefits of Buzon pedestals, the different pedestal products available and installation guidance. It also covers how Buzon pedestals, and their accessories, can be specified to meet the design needs of the client and for the project. Get in touch to discuss your digital CPD training session.


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