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Office Roof Terrace Design: Uses For Roof Terraces On Office Buildings

19 April 2023

Urban areas such as cities are home to some of the biggest businesses and brands in the world. These spaces are filled with commercial office buildings which serve as the nexus for these companies, a place where employees, management and stakeholders innovate and collaborate.

The issue is that within congested cities, space is often at a premium. As a result architects, property developers and business owners are looking for ways to maximise space.

Roof terraces and roof gardens are growing in popularity due to the added benefits they offer a commercial building, where the flat roof is often disregarded.

In fact, office roof terraces design has developed so much that these spaces offer more than just recreational space; from providing an alternative environment for company events and meetings, to green spaces which are proven to help boost employee mental wellbeing and even productivity.  Modern office roof terrace design offers a whole host of benefits to business owners, here are just some of the best uses for your commercial offices’ roof terrace.

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Using Commercial Roof Terraces For Event Spaces

Outdoor spaces such as roof terraces don’t just need to be a ‘luxury’.  Make your building work harder for you, by using it as a venue for your events.

Not only is it private and unique, but office roof terraces also offer an amazing backdrop of the surrounding cityscape.

From formal office business functions to casual parties, office roof terraces can be designed to provide a space that meets all your business needs, both aesthetically and technologically. With ample access to natural light and great views of the surrounding landscape, office roof terraces make for a prime event space with great potential.


Using Commercial Office Roof Terraces For Meeting Spaces

An extension of events, roof terraces can also be used as a location for company meetings. Through clever design, office roof terraces can provide an excellent meeting space for employees, management and shareholders.

As office roof terrace design advances, designers are encouraged to create the perfect balance between aesthetically pleasing surroundings with functional areas well-suited to business day-to-day.

Rooftop terraces offer a unique and tranquil environment that delegates can congregate in and collaborate with each other effectively as they reinforce the value of working collaboratively workspace as their design allows them to act as both multi-purpose recreational areas and professional meeting spaces.


Roof Terraces & Outdoor Recreational Space

Modern office roof terraces have long been a highly underrated feature in office design with one of its primary benefits being quality recreational space. Roof terraces and gardens can provide office workers with somewhere they can go to relax during their lunch breaks, or even after work hours, providing an escape from their usual surroundings.

Not to mention, these recreational areas can act as both an effective employee retention and acquiring tool. Quality office roof terrace design can greatly increase the attractiveness of both your building and company as a desired placed to work.

Outdoor recreational space can notably boost employee morale and happiness. In fact, studies show that green spaces can increase a company’s overall productivity by as much as 31%.

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Green Spaces & The Green Credentials Of Commercial Roof Terraces

Office roof terraces also present a fantastic opportunity to bring office dwellings closer to nature and introduce green spaces. Not only do office roof terrace designs add to the aesthetics of the office building, but they also provide meaningful benefits by promoting employee wellness and offering green credentials through various measures such as planters and greenery installations.

What many don’t know is the green-credentials that roof terraces can offer a business and the surrounding city. Whilst they won’t solve the issues around global warming, they can certainly help.

Green roofs can absorb heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, lowering the temperature of city landscapes. This helps to lower air-conditioning costs in the summer and also help to insulate a building in the winter.

Commercial Office Roof Terrace Design In Action

Take a look at how TJX have used their roof space to create functional and stunning roof terraces for their headquarters in Watford. By incorporating roof gardens and ample spaces for staff amenities and recreation, TJX have shown how to maximise space whilst adding value to their building and business.




As you can see from our quick roundup, modern office roof terrace design is capable of maximising office space, offering new venue space and even help with energy efficiency.

Building or converting a roof terrace on your commercial office building is a worthwhile investment that not only increases usable space, but also helps to generate ROI for your business through employee retention and energy savings.

If you’re looking to create commercial roof terraces in your next development, take a look at the Buzon range of adjustable pedestals.  With 5 ranges of pedestals, including two fire-rated options, and a whole host of technical features that will support any design choices and technical requirement.     

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