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What Decking Pedestals Are Best for Inclined Terraces?

21 September 2021

Every terrace is different, and the variables can seem overwhelming at first glance.  Fortunately, combatting inclined spaces has never been easier with the Buzon ranges of decking pedestals.

Adjustable decking pedestals were designed specifically to aid in the construction of raised terraces, regardless of incline.

At Buzon, continual product innovation based on extensive hands-on experience means that architects and designers have never had such high levels of flexibility for their site(s).

Here we will breakdown a few of the options available to you when looking for adjustable decking pedestals.

Which adjustable decking pedestal’s right for you?

Thanks to decades of experience in the industry, Buzon’s products are incredibly versatile, perfect for use in an array of complex design projects.

All of our adjustable pedestals are made from extremely durable, corrosion-resistant and 80%-100% recycled polypropylene. They are capable of supporting a huge range of flooring, decking and terrace structures.

Fully adjustable between 11mm and 1130 millimetres, they are ideal for use on flat roofs, balconies roof terraces, or outside areas at or above ground level. They can be used to create raised terraces in any type of material be it timber, stone, porcelain, grating, concrete aluminium or other materials.

Whilst all of Buzon’s adjustable pedestals can work for your inclined terraces, here are our top picks and some key features that set them apart:

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DPH Pedestals

The reinforced structure of DPH decking pedestals ensures that they retain their strength and extreme durability, even when supporting heavy and frequent footfall. Due to its robustness and power, DPH systems can accommodate heavy floor coverings, like large-format concrete.

Height Adjustment: Ranging from 17 to 1070mm.

Slope Correction: 5% inbuilt slope correction with a further 10% available through the use of accessories added to the base of the pedestal; for a total of up to 15%.

Perfect for any project involving falls, ramps or slopes. DPH decking pedestals are perfectly suited to large public spaces and open environments which will see heavy footfall.

PB Pedestals

PB pedestals are designed with an enlarged head surface, capable of supporting very thick ceramic tiles, concrete or wooden floors.

Height Adjustment: Fully adjustable from 15 to 955mm, these pedestals are quick to install and reliable.

Slope Correction: Up to 10%, perfect for those tricky inclines.

PB system’s versatility makes it perfect for many different external flooring, from small rooftop terraces to large commercial installations.

BC Pedestals

Perhaps the most flexible decking system we offer, BC pedestals are designed with unusual shapes and curves in mind. Through the use of rectangular and circular tabs that can be individually positioned, and a unique spacer tab option to separate pavers – never be held back in your designs again.

Height Adjustment: Adjustable height of 11-1130mm.   

Slope Correction: Up to 15%, for unparalleled flexibility.

BC Pedestals’ innovation is perfect for areas where a strong and fixed raised pedestal is needed due to its locking system – preventing movement of any kind.



As you can see, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to adjustable decking pedestals. These were just a selection of the variety of products we offer at Buzon, perfect for terraces of all types.

For more information on any of the adjustable pedestal ranges we have available, head over to our resource centre. There you will find a range of animations, brochures and technical data to aid your journey even further.

Our extensive range of options for inclined terraces means that there is, quite literally, a pedestal for every project. For that reason, we actively encourage you to pick up the phone to discuss your options further. Call us on + 44 (0)20 8614 0874 or fill out the form below to help us understand your project requirements further.

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