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A Specifier’s Guide to Pedestal Pavers

14 October 2021

Specifying the right pavers or surface finish for your commercial decking project can, at first glance, seem overwhelming.  You have to consider both the requirements of the project and the practical considerations such as project budget and deadlines.

Specifying the right pedestal pavers for your external flooring project will always come down to one key feature: versatility.

The best product will offer you a perfect balance between function, aesthetics and logistics. You want it to perform its role, whilst looking good and not breaking the bank.

This specifier’s guide to pedestal pavers will break down the best options and highlight any considerations you may need to make in order to fulfil your project’s requirements.


fLOORING OPTIONS AND the head of the pedestal

So your decking will require pedestals, but what paving options are available to you and are compatible?

Buzon’s pedestal systems are designed to help the specifier accomplish almost any decking finish, providing them with as many options as possible.

Here are just some of the pedestal pavers  & flooring options you can easily use, which are designed to sit either directly on the head of the pedestals (with spacer tabs and shims as required), or on top of joists*.

*Joists also attach to the pedestal head using joist support accessories.

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Porcelain Pavers

Alfresco Floors’ porcelain tiles are uniquely designed for external use. They are incredibly robust, durable and easy to install – saving you time and money in the long run.

Despite being hard-wearing, the tiles only measure 20mm in thickness. They are, in many ways, the perfect design-friendly option as they come in a wide range of finishes, colours and sizes.

Aside from pavers, Buzon's pedestals can be used to support deck boards . 

Timber is a great choice for those wanting to achieve an attractive, functional area that retains the rustic charm that the natural wood has to offer, however, timber substitutes are also popular due to the demand for fire-rated external flooring.

ZERODECK Deck boards

We all know that finding suitable ‘wood’ options or timber alternatives is often difficult, as they don’t always meet regulation, form or function.

Addressing all of that is the latest in composite technology : ZERODECK.

A timber alternative that provides the right aesthetic and removes the usual limitations of similar products – ZERODECK from Alfresco Floors - can provide your clients with a beautiful finish, suitable for any setting.

Specifically designed to meet fire regulations and areas requiring Class A-rated products, it is also suitable for those areas requiring maximum fire safety.

Hardwood Decking

Strong and naturally resistant to abrasion, rot and weather, hardwood decking is an ideal option for your decking application. 

The deck boards can also be custom manufactured to dimensions and project requirements, 

Softwood Decking

The timber used in softwood decking typically derives from the trunk of the tree. This enables it to be easily supplied in longer lengths - ideal for handrails and deck boards. 

Composite Decking

Composite decking is made through the combination of natural hardwood fibres and synthetic materials, resulting in high-quality deck boards that look like natural wood but are much more resistant to rot and algae. 

Composite decking is also environmentally friendly, easy to install and requires little maintenance. 

The combination of composite decking and Buzon's DPH system can be seen in our Google HQ case study. 

Esthec Decking

Esthec has numerous design and technical advantages, such as its incredibly durable quality, its ease of application and no-slip capability, ideal for those wanting to make a strong visual impact. 


Fire-rated pedestal pavers and decking

If your project is classed as a relevant building above 18 metres in height then you’ll need fire-rated pavers and pedestals.

The porcelain and ZERODECK options mentioned above are Class A fire-rated, but you must ensure that the sub-frame or pedestal you use for your commercial decking is fire-rated, too.

Our A-PED pedestals are A1 fire-rated and adjustable up to 282mm.  Technically the most advanced on the market, the A-PED range has quickly become the go-to product for specifiers looking for a non-combustible decking pedestal - due to its great adjustability (height and slope correction) and its large load-spreading base.

We’ve noticed a change in behaviour recently, where specifiers are selecting non-combustible systems, despite their building not being above 18 metres. This new attitude highlights the need for enhanced fire safety on all projects, regardless of height.

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Paving Pedestals Must be considered

Our final piece of advice for any specifier is to not underestimate the importance of your decking’s pedestals or sub-frames.

Whilst having the perfect paver or deckboard that meets your and your client’s aesthetic desires is important, the hidden heroes are the systems that enable those pavers to be installed safely and efficiently.

That's why your paving pedestals must be considered.  And whilst there are different manufacturers and distributors with pedestal offerings, you should select an option that combines simplicity with clever engineering.  This will ensure efficient project outcomes and long-term results for your client. 



We know that specifying the correct pedestal pavers can feel challenging. However, as we have shown in this blog, there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding the perfect fit for you and your clients.

Along with that, choosing the correct pedestal for your project can seem daunting. That’s why we are on hand, with no worry of obligation. If you have any questions, just ask – advice costs nothing. If you need any more information on the subject, feel free to call us on + 44 (0)20 8614 0874 today.

Alternatively, you can let us know your query by filling in the form below and an expert will be in touch soon. We look forward to hearing from you.

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