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The Best Products For Commercial Roof Terrace Drainage

07 December 2022

Commercial roof terraces are exposed not only to elements such as rain and snow, but irrigation and cleaning systems will add to the levels of moisture.  

 So, why is this important, and what products will facilitate drainage on your roof terrace?


Why Is Proper Roof Terrace Drainage Important?

Proper roof terrace drainage works to protect the surface finish of your space and prevent splash back on walls and doors, which can cause aesthetic damage. It can also address health and safety concerns as pooled water can cause slip or fall hazards if it is allowed to form over time, without proper means of drainage.

Considering the drainage capabilities of your roof terrace early will help avoid future all of this, minimising the need for repair costs and mitigating the risk to residents or pedestrians using your space.

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Adjustable Pedestal Solutions For Roof Terrace Drainage

In order to ensure proper roof drainage, select materials that will allow water to flow freely off of the roof’s surface and onto the weatherproof membrane layer that sits below.

Adjustable pedestals are the most comprehensive solution for creating roof terrace decking systems. These cleverly engineered pedestals are designed to work with decking and pavers, raising the final level of the terrace above the waterproof membrane below.

An external flooring system, supported by adjustable pedestals can accommodate drainage due to the natural void that exists beneath the system. Not only that, but quality pedestals are designed to ensure they don’t hold water through the cavities that exist within them.

When specifying roof terrace products, look for decking pedestals that have features such as built-in slope correction, as this makes designing and installing roof terraces far easier and allows the creation of level terraces even on a roof surface that has been laid to fall or uses tapered insulation..


Specifying Products For Roof Terrace Drainage

By design, specifying decking and adjustable pedestals will provide suitable levels of drainage.

However, to deliver a professional finish to your roof terrace, whilst maintaining drainage there a whole range of products and accessories which can help.

Spacer Tabs

When it comes to roof terrace installation a prime challenge is ensuring that the final decking is uniform and level. Spacer tabs are often supplied with quality adjustable pedestals of offered as an optional accessory.

These tabs come in a range of sizes, width and heights depending on your chosen range of pedestal. The tabs fit directly onto the heads of the pedestals and allow for the creation of uniform gaps when using paving, which will also allow for drainage.  For oddly shaped spaces such as roof terraces with curves, you can also use rectangular or circular versions to maintain uniformity.

Edging Products

Other products such as edging accessories allow for the creation of gaps along the edges of your decking, further facilitating water runoff.

To protect the roof terrace from splashback and water damage you can also specify specialised edging products, such as the ALUgrate, which has a special geometry which allows it to ‘trap’ rainwater.

The trapped water is then transferred onto the weatherproof membrane or insulation layer below, protecting from splashback. Quality products such as these are not only functional but also look great and can really add a finishing touch to your external flooring project.

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The process of designing roof terraces comes with a whole range of key considerations that must be made early. Specifying with roof terrace drainage in mind will ensure that water damage and safety hazards are avoided, keeping costs down and creating a safer space.

Adjustable pedestals work with your chosen decking to create a functional terrace system, raising the final level of the floor and ensuring the waterproof membrane is not damaged during installation.

If you’re looking to create commercial roof terraces in your next development, take a look at the Buzon range of adjustable pedestals. 

With 5 ranges of pedestals, including two fire-rated options, and a whole host of technical features that will support any design choices and technical requirement. 

We also have BROOF T4 solutions in conjunction with roofing and finish suppliers.

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