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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Commercial Decking Installation

04 August 2021

If you’re working on a commercial project, whether that be a hotel, restaurant or office space, you want to make sure that your decking installation comes in on budget, to a tight schedule and a high standard.

When design professionals first think about decking for their commercial project, they’ll instantly be thinking about the aesthetic of the finish (porcelain, stone, aluminium etc). Understandable, as it’s the first thing you see, and the first thing people notice.

However, your surface material is only as good as the pedestal supporting it, and that’s where lots of projects fall short – through using pedestals that aren’t up to standard…

In this article, we will explore how to ensure you get the most out of your commercial decking installation, including the decking pedestal system you choose.

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Specifying Decking Pedestals for Complex Site Challenges

Specifying your decking pedestals can come down to critical features of them which can cater for specific site challenges you might be facing with your commercial external flooring project.

For projects with a high complexity of design or unusual decking areas, we recommend a raised floor pedestal that will enable creative and non-standard deck layouts. This also means it can cater for underfloor piping, cabling or perhaps the need for emergency access below the decking. For sites with technical challenges such as slope correction requirements, it’s important to consider a pedestal system with inbuilt slope correction that can facilitate perfectly level decking.

Finally, for decking projects where drainage is of the utmost importance, creating an external flooring system with uniform decking separation that allows for drainage is a key priority. All of these requirements are catered for in the Buzon range of raised floor pedestals. With Buzon, there is a pedestal for every project.

Reducing Commercial Decking Installation Time

Another key priority when specifying decking and decking pedestal systems, is to take into account the ease or complexity of installation. A difficult installation will require more time and money spent on labour.

The longer a project takes to complete, the longer the commercial business is out of pocket too. At the end of the day, the end client’s satisfaction is the main priority.

With external flooring applications, installers can face a whole host of challenges that lead to an increase in installation time. Uneven groundworks, sub-frame build-ups, surface fixes, drainage resolution and even delays in lead time can all contribute to a poor project outcome.

To avoid this, you will need to select a solution that overcomes these challenges stated above through clever, considerate product design.

With Buzon, there’s no need to spend time building sub-frames or sub-bases from scratch and the pedestals themselves are easy to put together and manipulate. Buzon makes simple yet clever products with the technical certification and expertise to back them up.


Getting the most out of your commercial decking installation is not just about the physical appearance of the decking – it’s the practical benefits that you’ll gain from selecting versatile pedestal options. With Buzon you’re guaranteed reduced installation time, better quality, and a longer-lasting solution.

If you need help choosing the correct pedestal for your project, then why don't you get some words of wisdom from one of our pedestal experts. And, of course, the Buzon experts are always on hand to talk about your project and make the install as efficient as possible!

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