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The Case For Converting Your Office's Flat Roof Into A Roof Terrace

16 January 2023

Creating outdoor spaces and roof gardens on commercial properties has become a popular trend as property developers and architects seek to enhance the work environment and provide benefits to staff wellbeing, mental health, productivity and even potentially add value.

In this blog post, we will discuss how investing in an office roof terrace or garden can help improve your office building developments - from creating more space in urban areas, to how it can create additional financial opportunities and even improve the well-being and productivity of the building’s inhabitants.

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Office Roof Terraces: The Benefits to Staff Wellbeing

Research shows that having access to an office roof terrace or garden can have a positive impact on the working environment, morale of staff, and overall well-being.

But this goes further than simply recreational benefits or preference for working environments; having access to an outdoor space can significantly contribute towards improving mental health and productivity levels in the workplace, with studies showing a 12% increase in output.

For workers, this offers them the opportunity to step away from their desks, a desire that has been put into sharper focus since the pandemic. Post-COVID, people have been more aware than ever of the benefits of different working environments. LogMeIn found that three in ten workers would take a lower salary to land a job with flexibility. The idea of a flexible work life is on the rise and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

It’s clear to see why architects and developers are realising the solution is outdoor working spaces.

With proven results in reducing stress levels and increasing concentration, an office roof terrace offers far more than simply aesthetic benefits to a building.


The Positive Environmental Impact Of An Office Roof Terrace

We’ve touched on the benefits to workers and employees, but there are also a whole host of benefits an office roof terrace offers to its local environment.

Roof terrace gardens have the potential to not just transform unused space in congested urban areas, but also improve air quality, reduce energy consumption and provide a green oasis in an otherwise concrete jungle.

Green roofs are incredibly effective at absorbing rainwater runoff, which can help prevent flooding in vulnerable areas. Plus, they absorb carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. By replacing heat-absorbing materials, such as tar and concrete green roofs actually help to lower the temperature of the air around them.

Within the built environment there is an ongoing debate over the benefits of retrofitting existing spaces or building new developments. Converting existing flat roof areas into usable roof gardens and terraces minimises the detrimental effects of new construction projects on an already crowded urban environment.


Adding Value With An Office Roof Terrace

So we’ve discussed the benefits to workers and the environment, but let’s touch on the benefits a roof garden can offer a business. Green spaces such as roof terraces and gardens can offer significant value to businesses that are looking to enhance their project, increasing ROI and making a project more profitable.

Space is always at a premium, particularly in city spaces. Because of this, using every inch of your building will significantly increase the value of your project; meaning a greater return on your initial investment.

Finally, office roof terraces and gardens are a highly sought-after commodity which increases the selling potential. With innovations in roof terrace design and decking products, converting your building’s flat roof into a roof terrace is far more accessible than you might initially think.

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Converting your flat roof into a useful roof terrace and garden is one of the best investments you can make for your commercial building. Not only will it give added value to your business through increased employee retention rates, improved team morale and potential clients, but it also has a number of tangible benefits for staff well-being, mental health and productivity.

Being outside in nature helps us to reset our minds, increase motivation levels and improve creativity. Investing in something so beneficial doesn’t need to be difficult either, thanks to innovations in roof decking products such as adjustable pedestals.

At Buzon we make that as easy as possible with our comprehensive range of products. If you’re looking to create commercial roof terraces in your next development, take a look at the Buzon range of adjustable pedestals.

Our ranges have been stringently tested to ensure quality performance and come with a range of features such as built-in slope correction, fire performance, paver and decking compatibility as well as being height adjustable to cope with voids from 11mm upwards.

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