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Enhancing External Flooring Projects With Clever Pedestals

Pedestal systems enable you to easily create stunning decking, roof terraces or external flooring in almost any environment. 
Through innovative design and comprehensive accessory packages, adjustable pedestals can be used to achieve a near-unlimited range of designs, fully compatible with most pavers or decking materials.
This CPD has been created to develop your knowledge on the:
Benefits Of Pedestals • Pedestal Ranges & Differences • Installation Guidance • Fire Safety • Regulations
This 40-minute CDP seminar has been designed for architects, specifiers and designers, in order to make specification simpler and demonstrate how pedestals can elevate your next project. 
Covering everything from pedestal materials, features and accessories including: spacer tabs, slope correction, joist support and more.
Curated and delivered by Buzon, with decades of experience in the landscaping sector, you will gain a deeper understanding of the many benefits and uses of pedestals, learn what to look for in a pedestal and save you time and money in your future projects.  
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One Step Closer To Simpler Specification


Advantages of Buzon Pedestals

Rapid Installation
Rapid Installation
Solutions for all situations
water run off
Rapid excess water run off
30 year project warranty
UV & weather
UV & weather resistant
Superior load bearing
Acoustic & thermal insulation
Patented slope corrector
Sustainable materials
technical support
Specialised technical support
Lightweight structure
Conceals utilities

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