The BC pedestal range has every type of permutation for paving, offering a range of spacer tabs to accommodate all dimensions of paving, and all material options, including; natural stone, concrete products, porcelain, and timber tiles.


Porcelain paver

Paver on BC pedestals

Unlimited solutions for terrace design

The BC series adopts a new method of spacer tabs to separate pavers, inspiring creative architecture with unlimited possibilities.

Independent tabs are fixed to the head of the pedestal and with the unique 360° rotation, the space between pavers will match perfectly.

All electrical, plumbing and lighting can be stowed below the surface eliminating trip hazards, creating walkable, playable surfaces while still giving maintenance access. Additionally, the spacer tabs placed on the pedestal heads ensure uniform lines and positive drainage.

The spacer tab is designed to give the designed and adequate water runoff required for the application. BC rectangular or circular spacer tabs are available in 2, 4.5, 6, 8 and 10mm (24mm high) or 3 & 4.5mm (17mm high).

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